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This Online Portfolio is currently under construction, (I’m somewhat of a newbie to the whole website thing) but I’m learning as I go and adding new content all the time. Please scroll down to see examples of my work, and enjoy.



Broo Warlord


Ladies, don your impractically-revealing armoured bodices! Gentlemen, down your ales and follow me! With The PodQuest Podcast set to go live on the 30th of this month, it’s time for every tabletop roleplaying fanatic to get excited. It also means I now have a concrete arting deadline to adhere to. Expect to see all manner of sword and sorcery themed graphics adorning the site, and tune into the podcast itself if you’re cool enough (incredulous laughter noted, thank you).

Onto the image above; This charming fellow is something called a Broo, and while not directly relevant to the PodQuest (as far as I know, and depending on how malevolent the Game Master is feeling on any given day), he is very much Runequest inspired. These guys are seriously horrible; they’re half man, half beast, worship Malia, goddess of disease, and will mate with anything (yes, anything) with, how do I word this… an appropriate, or for that matter, inappropriate, point of access. And if that doesn’t at least temporarily win me your attention in our fast-paced, quick-fix age, then frankly I don’t know what will.

It’s my latest foray into the realm of digital painting, and it was all created using Adobe Photoshop and a ‘Wacom Intuos 4’ Graphics Tablet, a piece of kit I’ve gotten on with really well, and strongly recommend to anyone thinking of getting into digital painting themselves, (their site can be found here). Comments and criticisms welcome. Tom out.


Podquest Artwork; Rhovandir the Elf

A very close friend of mine has recently set up a tabletop roleplaying Podcast, and asked if I’d be able to provide artwork to spice up the website. (I’ve since gotten involved in the podcast itself, and a titillating taster of the first sessions fumbles and follies can be found here). So first off, please welcome Rhovandir the Elf, based loosely on his IRL counterpart, and looking very dapper in a wonderful indigo waistcoat, £120, Giorgio Armani.

I think visuals such as character studies, maps and drawn items can really add depth to the experience of roleplaying, so as well as individual sketches of the PC’s I may well end up creating landscapes and other visual anchors for the imagination. It’s good graphics tab practice for me, and it helps to flesh out the world for player and bewildered listener alike. Keep an eye/ear out for further developments.